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Access to high caliber borderless network of extreme programmers with product acumen– Product NOVAs
Product NOVA is an in-depth technical specialist with great product acumen & customer centric thought process. All in all ,an outcome driven 5-dimensional talent.
Product NOVA
can’t be easily spotted
Hand picked talent carefully aligned with business needs
Rigorous 5-tier testing for technical and problem-solving skills
SME filter for product acumen
Testing hands-on product development skills
Language and personality test
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Your growth is our growth.
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Access to dedicated future employees not freelancers
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"To hire a product engineer from Talanova was not just about recruiting from a firm that provides talent from around the world. We hired a couple of full stack development engineers who were product THINKERS! In other words, we had more brains at hand to help!"
Sandeep Chawla
Initially I did not buy into the idea of a product 'engineer' who can help me from ideation to completion, but since I had the option to ramp off the resource in two weeks if I wasn't happy, I took it up! Trust me, this is the best decision my company has taken so far this year, we do not JUST have developers in our team anymore!
Naveen Jaiswal
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Act smart in your business moves
The advent of pandemic has drastically changed the global talent picture. Now SMBs can directly reach out to global talent for accelerating the business growth.
April 19, 2021
Hiring Challenges for Hypergrowth Companies
The world is slowly winning over COVID with multiple vaccination programs. It's evident that businesses are getting back to their feet. In fact, digital businesses are accelerating much faster than expected. Economies across the world are showing a V-shaped recovery in a short span.
March 22, 2021
Expand Your Borderless Workforce: Why Should Companies Go for Global Workforce?
Businesses focussing on a highly engaged global workforce are 21% more profitable. With pandemic bringing in a paradigm shift in the way companies approach recruitment and switching to remote work, going for the global workforce is not only appreciated but needed.
March 16, 2021
Product Mindset 101: How Product Engineers Help Scaling Businesses
Productivity is what companies strive to achieve. Especially in today's digital world, companies, be it startups, small to medium businesses (SMBs), or even enterprises, need to be on the path of adapting quickly to satisfy the ever-evolving customer needs.
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