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Unlike other platforms, we don’t engage talent in multiple projects – strictly no freelancing! You get a dedicated talent once you sign with us.
Truly borderless workforce for global expansion
Tap into not-so-easy to find talent from multiple regions and multiple countries. Accelerate your business growth in a cost-efficient way.
Acquire crème-de-la-crème pre-vetted 5D global talent
Product NOVA is selected after 6-8 hours of rigorous with an intense selection ratio of 1:100.
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Yes, you don’t pay anything for 2-weeks. Just try us and see if the talent is a good fit for the project and team.
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Product NOVA
can’t be easily spotted
Rigorous 5-tier testing for technical and
problem-solving skills
Hand picked talent carefully aligned
with business needs
SME filter for product acumen
Language and personality test
Testing on hands-on
product development skills
Hand picked talent carefully aligned with business needs
Rigorous 5-tier testing for technical and problem-solving skills
SME filter for product acumen
Testing hands-on product development skills
Language and personality test
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